Your one source for Outdoor Solar Bus Shelter LED Lighting, Solar Bus Stop LED Lighting, Solar Pathway LED Lighting, Solar Sign LED Lighting, Solar LED Area Lighting, Retrofit your Metal Halide to LEDS.

Custom Solar LED lighting systems, fixtures sized designed and manufactured for your City. Contact us via email to request a quote with your drawings and or specifications. Whether you are developing a municipal, government, transit and private solar lighting project. All Purpose Mfg. Inc. can help you with your LED flood light fixture, solar system, aluminum pole or just tell us the applications and we will do the rest for you.APMFG has the capabilities to Custom design your system to withstand wind loads by Engineering for Structural and Electrical loads. All of APMFG LED light fixtures are designed for maximize heat dissipation for longer life, which produce brighter fixtures. APMFG not only manufactures using aluminum but not limited to stainless steel, copper, structural steel. The protective coatings are sand blasted or etched prior to powder coating and you specify the color.

Solar LED Lighting Systems

All Solar Systems are sized depending on the lighting load and your area of the State so there is no such thing as one solar power system fits anywhere.

APMFG led lighting has designs for Parks and Recreation Path Lighting along with low LED illuminated Bollards, Car Port Canopies, Shade Structures, Up Lighting for Flags and Palm Trees, Monument Signs, Billboards and small backyard lighting applications.

Our Quality and pricing are unbeatable when you compare the competition closely. APMFG uses a methodology that works to keep quality up and consistency from one system to the next.