LED Solar Park Pathway LED Lighting

Solar Park Pathway LED lighting

Spectacular LED low profile LED 12 watt high power bright white led all aluminum billet LED lighting fixture.

30 foot diameter illumination with 2 foot candles along with exceeding the .25 foot candles as the City Park Standard.

Operating Dusk to Dawn with 10 days of battery back up.


Two Mitsubishi  80 Watt Panels

Two 115 AMP/HR Gel Batteries

Morningstar 20

Timer Controller

Two  20 Amp Breakers

130 Hour Battery Backup

2 Foot Grounding Rod

Heavy Duty Custom Design APMFG

Aluminum LED Light Fixtures Fabrication of structural poles and solar rack system

PN#: AP-16w-12v-42 Path
Lamp Type: 2ft mast arm
Watts: 16W
Input Volts: 12-24 V DC
Forward Current: 400MA
LED Colors: Bright White
Flux: 5000k

PN#: AP-80w-FP
Lamp Type: 1425
Watts: 12w
Input Volts: 12-24 V DC
Forward Current: 700MA & 300MA
LED Colors: Bright White
Flux: 5000k