LED Solar Pathway LED Lighting

APMFG Designed, manufactured and installed 32 High Power LED Pathway Lighting for Redendo Beach.

The entire design was developed by APMFG, structural poles, LED lighting fixtures and our Solar engineer which sized the solar capacity required. Outside engineering team stamped the Structural and Electrical plans. All footings have epoxy coated rebar and special concrete mixes were added for extra strength.


The lighting had to be designed to illuminate a path area of 18ft x 60ft at an angle of 35 degrees 5 feet away and 10 feet high totaling 32 units.

The LED lighting had to illuminate 5 foot candles in the center, and from the center to 30 ft diameter it had to illuminate 1.25 ft candles and from the center to 60 ft diameter illuminate .25 ft candles. APMFG exceeded the foot candle illumination.

The illumination sequence was most difficult: Operating times were as follows From 5:00 PM until 11:00PM 50% of the LED lighting had to turn off and at 5:00AM back to100% until 7:00 AM.


Two Mitsubishi 110 Watt Panels

Two 85 AMP/HR Gel Batteries

Morningstar 20

Timer Controller

Four 20 Amp Breakers

36 Hour Battery Backup

10 Foot Grounding Rod

Heavy Duty Custom Design APMFG

Aluminum LED Light Fixtures Fabrication of structural poles and solar rack system

PN#: AP-220w-FP
Lamp Type: 3700
Watts: 22
Input Volts: 12-24 V DC
Forward Current: 700 & 350 MA
LED Color: Bright White
Flux: 5000k